Like the main banner? That is just a couple of things we do at MFG. It really brings interest to our site. That first impression is always the most important. The site loads fast, and the banner does too. What is really cool is the end of the presentation has a “Contact me” link in it.

image menu navbar

The possibilities are really very endless for any needs, whether it be for a blog banner, an interactive adspace where you distribute and keep click tracking, or animated ico images that create an an animated effect for your favicon(the image that shows up in your tabs and bookmarks on your browser) .

Sparkling animated star gif favicon

We offer some pretty incredible graphic design options for image menus, logos, 3D banner images, animation, videos frames, icons, avatars, widgets and more. Professional is always important, but why be boring? Why be common? We all hate the flashy banner adds that kidnap your page off to some site that might have a virus inlaid. I’m not talking about those, not even close!

What about keeping your audience at your site, making your page rank even more powerful? People like different and to “Wow!” them keeps them coming back! Innovation is what makes you unique. They will share your site on Facebook and bookmark it to see what cool stuff you do to your site next..or see what cool things you are up to. I captures an audience.

People don’t like change, but the changes is what makes our life better. It’s not about just have a website, it’s about having a unique brand. Tools, unique images, quality components, dynamic content, all these things make up what they see, how they see your business.

Wow them! contact me today on what I can do for you!



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A super creative with a knack for dynamic content. I'm a web design student, saying that meaning I'm always learning new, more dynamic and creative ways to make awesome websites. I am mostly self taught, with Dreamweaver certification. I am also a Facebook developer for apps and pages. I hate to be left behind in the race for premier internet content. I am also a small business start-up mentor for those who don't know how to use the internet. If your gonna do something, love it and do it better than anyone else!

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